Techniques above & beyond

If you are looking for clean, quality masonry you have come to the right place! 26 years masonry experience, 21 years as a small business owner, gives me the knowledge to problem solve most masonry issues and install new and improved methods to prevent common masonry mistakes. I take every detail of masonry seriously, and that means I only use the best products from our local masonry distributors, not only because they guarantee all their product, but I am a firm believer in supporting local Michigan businesses.

Brixstone Masonry

Careful examination of the chimney from top to bottom using a drone with photo documentation allowing for a precise diagnosis and estimate.

No “band-aid” repairs! I repair chimneys with integrity so that more expensive future problems are averted. Do it once and do it right!

Strong 5000 psi concrete mixed with accurately measured Trinic admix (water reducer means less shrinkage), Silica fume (for denser and stronger mix) and water for consistent 11,000 psi concrete caps that resist cracking due to consistency.

Poly fibers mixed in concrete to create a web of protection and prevent shrinkage cracks. Ladder wire cage used to increase tensile strength.

Back beveled overhang on concrete caps to prevent water from wicking back to brick face, which greatly decreases future damage.

4” thick cap with 5 1/2” thick crown to allow for water runoff, lessening the chance for penetration.

Clay flues wrapped with expansion foam to prevent cement cap from cracking due to flue expansion.

Professional siloxane-based breathable sealer applied to all masonry surfaces.

Thoroughly clean and protect your residence.

One year warranty.

Chimney Repair

The Competition

Diagnose chimney from the ground without viewing from the top where all the damage is, thus giving a false estimate resulting in extra costs above quoted price.

“Band-aid” fixes like: caulking cracked concrete caps instead of replacing & tuckpointing mortar when bricks are loose instead of re-laying in the bed of mortar.

cheaper and less strength 3500 psi concrete. No preventative measures are taken to reduce shrinkage cracks by not using admixes or silica fume. Water not measured which is the leading cause of shrinkage cracking when excessive amounts are added to concrete.

NO poly fibers mixed in with concrete, which greatly increases the chance of cracking at weak points. NO rebar used, or lighter weight rebar used.

NO Back beveled overhang, which Allows water to wick back to brick face and thus greatly increases the chance for ice to form pop concrete cap loose.
3” thick cap which is 25% LESS in material thickness and strength.

No expansion foam used. Concrete poured right up to flues resulting in premature cracking of cap.

NO sealer, or cheap ‘box store’ sealers which are NOT breathable and can create additional problems.

Unsightly mortar smears on shingles and debris.

No warranty.

Before Chimney