For our tuckpointing jobs, we utilize a sandwich blade to grind out the old eroding mortar in your brick. We measure and mix 5-6 small batches of mortar to closely match your current mortar color. On older homes we match the sand qualities as well.

We strategically grind the old mortar deep enough so that the new mortar will have the integrity and thickness it needs to have a long life span. After we grind we wash out all of the dust. We make sure the mortar is slightly damp when we tuckpoint so it bonds to the brick and old mortar.

Tuckpointing can be a messy job but we do our best to ensure the safety of both you and your neighbors. We are OSHA complaint and attach a HEPA vacuum to our grinders to cut down the dust which helps keep everyone happy.

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  1. Once we have a close mortar match we make 5-6 samples with slightly varied ingredients to get a near exact match.
  2. We grind a full inch into the old mortar to give integrity to the new mortar.
  3. We do an acid wash to take the cream off the new mortar to help it match the old mortar.