chimney repair

chimney repair

  1. Bullet NO bandaid fixes! I only fix a chimney the correct way! If you want a cheap fix you have come to the wrong place.

  2. Bullet chimney sealed with professional breathable masonry sealer

  3. Bullet 4” thick concrete caps with 1 1/2” overhang. Mixed with poly fibers to minimize shrinkage and cracks. Full rebar cage to prevent cracks. All caps back beveled underneath so rain water does not wick back to brick. No holes drilled in brick to hold concrete forms in place.

  4. Bullet Protection of shingles, bushes, windows and anything else so it appears like I was never there.

Chimney repair is grueling, laborious work yet extremely gratifying when all said and done! I approach every chimney the same. First, I detail photograph the problem areas. Then I show my customer so they can physically see the damage without having to risk injury climbing a ladder to see it themselves. Plus, they can be confident that the damage actually exists instead of taking my word for it. Next, I propose a plan of execution to resolve and prevent future damage from occurring. I provide a thoroughly written estimate detailing all the work to be completed and a dollar amount not to exceed.